Music Lessons

What a such beautiful weekend! Today was a perfect day with a very nice weather! The sun was shining like a diamond! lol! It was just a lovely weekend inspite being so busy. Finally, the cold winter weather is over and spring is taking over. What else can I ask for?

I actually wish for something. Everytime, I go grocery shopping I always pass by in this building where music lessons are being taught.  (more…)


My Favorite Music Instruments

Hello April! Hello spring season! What a super lovely weekend I had. Today is also a very beautiful day! Thanks God for the wonderful first two days of April and for the perfect weather the past days.

I know in the other parts of the globe there are natural and man-made disasters and calamities that are going on and I am sad to hear about those things. I hope and pray that this planet will be a better and beautiful place to live in for every human being. (more…)


Still Not Too Late to Learn To Play A Musical Instrument

Happy New Year 2017! It is better to greet you all than nothing at all! I hope you are all having a wonderful start of 2017. So far, things are getting better in my side and I cannot complain at the moment.

I was before a program on television. It was about a person who never lost hope to achieve his dream. He is already around 60 years old and he don’t know how to read and write. He said that it is still not too late to do it so he went to school and started to learn reading and writing. I found his motivation very inspiring. (more…)


Christmas Shopping for a Musician

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, no matter what Christmas is always the most beautiful time of the year for me. Although, I am thousands of miles away from my family, I still find Christmas a season to celebrate.

Many of you might be very busy window shopping or I would say buying for Christmas presents to your loveones, special someone, family, friends or co-workers. I also hope that you find a perfect present for a loveone or family member who loves to play musical instruments. (more…)


Save Some Bucks While Shopping for Home Decors at Groupon

I have been compensated for this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.


Are you looking for home decors and ideas at the moment? I believed some of you are currently window shopping for it. The seasons of the year always change our ideas in decorating our homes.

I am not only looking for home decors and ideas but I am also trying to find affordable home creations that suits my budget. I know there are a lot of home shopping websites that offers various products and services with regards to enhancing and decorating our homes. (more…)


A Perfect Musical Accessories for a Friend

Happy wedding anniversary to my dear friend who is celebrating their 18th years of marriage. I am happy to see her happy with her husband and two daughters. They just celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday.

She is my former classmate back in high school and college and also a good friend of mine. In fact, she is one of my best friends until now. She loves to play musical instruments like guitar, organ and piano. (more…)


Still Loving the Old Way of Listening Music thru CDs

Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having or had a great one! Friday is almost here. I know many workers especially those who don’t work on the weekend are happy now. That is why many says, it is a happy TGIF! I wish you a joyful weekend too!

I don’t work for a week now since I am on sick leave. I am not really feeling perfect but feeling very better compared to the past 6 days. I am hoping and praying that this will be over soon so that I can do the normal routine everyday like going to work. (more…)


Save Money When Shopping for Health and Beauty Products at Groupons

I have been compensated of this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

Hello everyone! It feels good to be backed here and share some updates! How was your first weeks of September? I hope everything is great! I am not really doing good at the moment. With the pain I am experiencing right now, I wish,  I am traveling or rather be going  to work. I hope this will be over soon and that, I will be backed to my normal health.

Oh well, I guess, it is because I am slowly getting old! Gray hairs, backpain, wrinkles, what else are the other signs of aging? Oh no, I don’t want to get old so quick. Thanks to all these health and beauty products that our modern technology is bringing to us. Aging process is getting slower now! (more…)


Wish To Play a Musical Instrument

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your day is ending great and you are slowly getting ready for the weekend. I am actually speechless after hearing some good news from my siblings in the United States. Imagine, I will be having fantastic presents from them? Sad to say guys, it is not a yamaha moxf8 which I always wanted since I was young but hey,  they are  still some  awesome birthday gifts.

I really wish to play any musical instruments like playing a guitar, piano, organ, violin or trumpets but it seems that it is not for me. Would you think I can still do it? Anyway, although  my  birthday presents are not these musical gadgets, but hey,  these are return tickets to the USA in 2018 and Asia for next year. How about that? I believed, the travel itineraries for these travels will be prepared soon!  I am really getting excited and so grateful for having wonderful and generous sisters. Thank you from the botttm of my heart!

Cheers and take care folks!


Perfect Present for a Friend Who is a Musician

Happy birthday to a dear friend who is celebrating her natal day today! I wish, I can celebrate with her but sad to say, I am thousands of miles away from her. I am happy to see the photos of her birthday celebration with all those delicious food on her table.

I know the perfect present for her is a musical instrument or gadget. She is very good in playing a piano, organ and guitar and any of these instruments is a great present for her. She might also need a memphis amp for perfect sound system. I hope one day, I can buy her a wonderful present called musical instrument.



Hi dear friends and visitors!! thanks for visiting me here!! Have a great and blessed day!!



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