Nature Around and Heidelberg City

I got here different images taken in different time and place. The first image was taken during our visit to Heidelberg, a very beautiful and romantic city in German State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The second image was taken in Rhorbach in Bavaria, Germany. Last but not the least, this was taken from our garden. We had a visitor, the cat’s neighbor.

Heidelberg — having been a former residence of the Electoral Palatinate in the past — is the seat of the University of Heidelberg which is well-known far beyond Heidelberg’s and Germany’s borders. Furthermore, Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination due to its romantic and picturesque cityscape’s character including the Heidelberg Castle and the baroque style Old Town.

The tower of the Parish church in Rhorbach, Bavaria, Germany.

we had a visitor in our garden, the cat’s neighbor. sometimes he is so bad because he pees around our garden. that is the reason why I cannot plant vegetables in our garden.

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6 Responses to “Nature Around and Heidelberg City”

  1. Elisabeth Says:

    I really like the old Germany towns. For me Heidelberg is a student – town. Nice pictures.

  2. 4timesblessed Says:

    That is such a relaxing scenery

  3. Míriam Luiza Says:


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  4. Shahz Says:

    wow! Germany really has beautiful houses.. hehe! and the cat is cute.. i love cats. wish i could visit germany.. lol!

  5. Magical Mystical Teacher Says:


    Water in a drop of rain,
    Water swirling down the drain;
    Water clinging to the trees,
    Water filling up the seas;
    Water frozen, water free,
    Water is the stuff for me!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Wayside Puddle

  6. retriever Says:

    Beautifull country, love much!
    Greeting from Belgium


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