Home Projects and Improvements 2012

2012 is almost ending. I believed some of you are currently doing some home improvements. Some might be done with their home projects. Whether you are renovating your home, buying home furniture and fixture, making a new garage, home extension, building a patio or any other projects, everyone simply wants to make their homes more comfortable and cozy place to live in.

We are so happy that we had done a lot of home improvements for 2012 and for the past years.  This is a continuous project and we are glad that we are already starting it.

We  bought new appliances which are energy saver this year. We replaced our chest freezer with a new one. Our multi-purpose garage is 99% done. We only need a siding or better walling for it. We just installed a temporary siding to it until we will put the new one next year. It has quite a big  with an area of almost 60 sq. metres. Actually half of it is use as garage and half is use as a terrace. We put our old dining set   in there for us to sit down and relax while sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

We are also  renovating our bathroom at the moment. We dismantled the old wooden walls and replaced it with tiles. Our old bathroom actually looked like a sauna before due to its wooden walls. We also bought a new bathtub set for it and it is already installed. For now, we just need to finish the flooring. We will also replace our old sink with a new one. I can say, our bathroom is currently 85% done. I hope that we will finish it in two weeks since we are only the one doing the renovation.

Regarding our bedroom, our new bed was already delivered last week but not yet installed. Such a busy life huh!

Our next project early next year will be our kitchen and dining room. We will be replacing everything. We need a new flooring for it. A new kitchen set, display cabinets and a new dining set are also on our home furniture list.

I guess our home projects and improvements will quite take some years to materialize. We are saving money for it and from time to time, we do the renovation. At least we are doing our best to make our home a better and comfortable place to stay and it is debt-free!


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