Eating to Lose Weight

One of the main reasons people are unsuccessful with dieting is because they cut out all of the food they most like from their diets and also those that are the most filling, leaving them feeling deflated, tired and hungry. At the start of a new year, perhaps it is time to learn how to lose weight with Dukan effectively. Hungry people don’t lose weight, so it is much better to focus on what you can eat and channel any negative energy into fierce work outs here and there.

Because of the necessity to eat and stay fuller for longer, the Dukan 100 foods list is compiled of 72 high-protein foods and 28 recommended vegetables which you are able to eat as often as you like. To keep it all balanced you are encouraged to alternate between pure protein days and protein plus veg days. There are hundreds of recipes online to try, books you can buy by Pierre Dukan himself and of course you could always create your own concoctions.


As I have mentioned, exercise is an important part of any healthy diet plan as it works with your careful eating to tone your body, improve fitness and eventually maintain your ideal weight. There are so many offers for gyms around at the moment as it is the start of a new year that there is little excuse not to join one. Having said that, if you are short on time or money, you can always come up with a ‘home-grown’ gym where you can look up how to get fit doing exercises just in your lounge, investing in a DVD or going for a run every other day.

To reiterate, one of the most important things is that you don’t feel tired or washed out every day which is why the Dukan diet is so heavily protein based. With the correct amount of exercise to match this (which you are guided with) you will notice the difference and you won’t be anywhere near as hungry as you would be with other diets.


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