My Fave Flowers in Our Garden

I love gardening and I call myself a gardener. I grow different plants and flowers in our garden. Inside our house I also have indoor and Exotic Plants. I love all flowers even in the wilderness. A lot of my friends are telling me that I have a green thumb. Sometimes I am plant seeds of plants and trees and they are growing.

There are a lot of flowers that I love but I have my fave ones which can also be found in our garden. Below are among the few ones.

Roses– I believed most women are always happy when given a bouquet or bundle of roses. What do you think ladies? I would feel the same. That is why I love roses and I planted some in our garden. Rose plants vary in size from compact, miniature roses, to Climbers that can reach up to 7 metres high.

You can see roses, lilium and lavender in our garden. I took this photo last summer of this year.

Lilium or simply called as Lilies, I love these flowers as well. I already collected different colours of it and are flowering in our garden every summer season. I have orange, white, pink and yellow lilies in our garden. When I first planted these flowers, I asked the experts for some Winter Tips on how to maintain these flowers. I was glad to know that they are always coming back after snow season.

Lavandula or commonly known as Lavender, I love these  flowers  because of its fragrance.  No wonder its essential oil with sweet smell can be used in balms, perfumes, cosmetics and other application.  Would you believe  that when I am having a headache or feeling dizzy, I just pick-up some  flowers and leaves of lavender in our garden, smell it and I feel better. I believed  it is because of its aromatherapy effect.

Lovely yellow Dahlia flowers. Simply beautiful!

Dahlia– These tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants are very lovely. That is why it is always found every year in our garden. I remembered planting it for the first time and I was truly impressed by its beauty.  I still need to dig them in our garden before  the soil freezes this fall season. This is the disadvantage of having winter season, you cannot see the flowers all year round in your garden.


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