The Chimney Man Visited Us Today

I heard him knocking at  our door yesterday. When I go down to open the door, he was already  away. The Chimney Man was wearing all black  clothes.  When we checked our mailbox, he left a note that he will be backed the next day. He wrote at 9:00 in the morning, he will be knocking on our door again.

I have no choice but to wake-up  earlier this morning.  I usually wake-up around nine in the morning if I go to sleep late or have a lot of online tasks to do. This morning I made it at  7:00. That was also good because I already started with the laundry. At exactly 9:00 Am, I already saw the vehicle of the  Chimney man  parking  outside. I just waited for  him to knock on the door before I open it.

I guess,  it took him around   10 to 15  minutes to  clean our chimney. It is  a must in the country we live that if you use a pellet oven, oil  oven or wood oven  to have it clean by  professional chimney  cleaner. Since our main heater during winter is pellet oven, then we must  let it cleaned by a chimney man. The bill for cleaning our chimney is automatically debited in our account. I guess tomorrow, it is already minus in our account.

Our  electric  heater  is  more expensive  than pellet oven.  We only turn it on when it is really very cold. Most of the time, only the electric heater in my  computer room is turn on especially if I am working inside.

We have to save all that we can especially that everything are expensive now.


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