Ways to Stay Disciplined When Working From Home

I am a working at home individual since four years now. A former banker who is now a blogger who loves to share her personal experiences, thoughts and opinions to the world. I find more freedom being a blogger because I can work anytime I want and I can go anywhere without asking to my boss that I need a break or holiday. Thanks to all pr jobs online where I am given the opportunity to be a boss of my own.

Working from home requires discipline and a certain mind-set. Distractions can get the better of you if you allow them to. Children in the house, a constant ringing phone from friends can get your mind off your work real fast.

1) Have a System

It is important that you have a system that makes you productive. Set aside time every day searching for additional work. Have a routine on handling paper flow. To be productive you must be organized. Once you have a system in place, stick to it. Sort out your office furniture so that it is conducive to your work – well placed, with enough space, light and a comfortable chair. Thanks to the tilted and turn windows in my computer room where I can breath fresh air and look around.

2) Prioritize the Work

We all live with deadlines. Prioritize your work in such a way so as not to miss deadlines. Not meeting targets can ruin your reputation. Turn work in before it is due. That way you become a hero in the client’s eyes. This is a sure-fire method of being awarded more work. Learning to prioritize your project load is a key element in becoming disciplined.

3) Count the Pennies

It has been said that the rich know where every penny goes. Emulate the rich, know how much money is coming in, and know how much is going out. In addition, it is vital to know how you are spending your income. Know where the pennies are going. Be disciplined and spend smart. Think before you buy! Being a banker and accountant, I am quite good in spending and counting my pennies.

4) Dealing with Distractions

Working from home can have distractions, especially if you have young children. Your family needs to know what your core work hours are. You must insist that you not be bothered while you are working, unless it is an emergency. Failure to set ground rules from the start will disrupt your work process, and have you missing deadlines.

5) Reward Yourself

When you have gone the extra mile for a client, you are entitled to reward yourself  for a job well done. Perhaps a day with the kids is in order, but only if your workload permits it. Whenever you have done an exceptional job be sure and pat yourself on the back. You are the boss, and this is what good bosses do.


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