Where is Spring Weather?

What happen to our spring weather? I thought when I came back from my  Ireland trip, the weather is friendlier in our place.  It is cold  outside and you still need to wear winter jacket. Before I left for my Ireland trip, I already saw some crocus  blooming in our garden. The tulip flowers also started to sprout and grow.  Since I came back home from  my Ireland trip, I still did not have the chance to take a glimpse again of what is happening in our garden  outside.


I am missing the tulips in our garden. I hope to see them very soon! © www.eurostarsblog.com

I just hope that the weather will become more friendly   in the coming days.  I want to start   gardening again. I already bought some flowers for planting both in the flowers pots and in the garden soil.  I know for sure, there are a lot of things to be done again when the right spring weather will start.

One of the signs when the lovely spring season is here!. © www.eurostarsblog.com

I don’t have the chance to trip the roses and the lavender  plants and I hope to do it as early as I can  when the weather gets better.   According to the calendar, spring in our area normally started last March 20 and I can’t believe that the weather is till very cold until now. If I only have the power or the magic to change the weather, I will surely bring more sunshine this  spring season!

For now, just enjoy these tulips I posted here. I was browsing  awhile ago and found these photos in my albums. Have a lovely day to all and keep warm!


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