Important Insurances We Are Paying

How many kinds of insurances do you have at the moment? What kind of insurances do you think are useful for you and your whole family? How much are you paying for it? Do you think  paying  insurances  will benefit you if any losses  or risks  occur?

If you have to ask me how many kinds of insurances  we are  having right now,  I am honestly telling you,  quite a lot.  Just last week I went  to the bank and paid 3  bills  of insurances.

I believed many of you understand the importance of     buying certain  insurances. Depending on your needs and budget, you can avail of  any insurances which you think  are indispensable for your daily activities, your family,  for your properties and for your own safety  and security.

I can give you a list of insurances we have at the moment.

Health Insurance– We live in a country where health insurance is a must to pay   especially if you are working. It is automatically deducted to your salary and your employer is also paying a part of it.  Health insurance policies usually  cover the cost of medical treatments.

Car or Auto Insurance– Owning a car also means a must of having an auto insurance. It protects the policyholder against financial loss in the event of an incident involving a vehicle you own. Since we have two cars, we are also paying  two insurances  for it.  We chose the semi-annual payment so  that we can have it cheaper. We don’t know what lies ahead on the road we are driving and  car insurance will  help us in terms of road accidents and  losses.

Travel Insurance– You never know  when accidents happen  when you are on vacation or holiday. Since  I am a frequent traveller, we decided to buy a so-called “multi-trip policy”  travel insurance.  If you  live in Australia, New  Zealand or in the UK,  DUInsure can help you with  your travel insurance needs. Be sure to get one especially if you are travelling to any country where medical services are very expensive.

Home Insurance– If you own a house,  you better buy a home insurance too!  I believed this is a must for every home owner. It provides coverage for damage or destruction of the policyholder’s home.  Depending on where your home is located or I would say the geographical location of your house, the policy may exclude certain types of risks, such as flood or earthquake  that  require additional coverage.

I remembered when  the water pipes exploded inside our home last winter 2006, we are glad that we had  a home insurance. They paid for all the damages caused by the water especially to the properties like that were damaged like the furniture and appliances.

Accident Insurance– This is a very important insurance to consider.  For example,  if you have an accident  that hindered  you not to go to work anymore because you lose your leg or arm, an accident  insurance  will surely provide you  financial support.

Other insurance we are paying are lawyer’s insurance, liability insurance, unemployment  insurance,  roadside assistance insurance and  life insurance. I guess, I already listed most of the insurances  we are paying every year. We always believed for  our  safety and security in terms of  losses and risks. It is better to be always  ready than sorry.  Think and decide of  getting  insurances you need,   before it is too late!


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