Organizing Some Things at Home

Wow, such a sunny day we are having right  now! I would love to work in our garden but it is just too hot outside. I  heard over the radio that the  temperature today   ranges from 30- 34 degrees Celsius.  Too hot to work   outside. Two  weeks ago, the weather was rainy and many towns and cities near our area were flooded. I believed they are happy with the weather now because their houses  that were flooded the other week are  slowly getting dry now.

I just arrived last week from my trip and I will be staying at home until the need of the month. There will be some day trips in between the coming weeks.  Since no long  travels  to happen until the end of the month,  I will be staying at home organizing many things. Aaahh..there are just a lot of things to be organized especially in our kitchen and in my little library or working room or I would say  computer room.

I hope I can finish everything before I hit the road again next month. This morning,  I was trying to empty the cabinet  in our storage  room. Since it is old and dilapidated,  I told hubby that we need to throw it away. I am glad that I am done emptying it.

This afternoon, I would love to start organizing our kitchen.  There are so many things I still need to arrange there.  Our kitchen renovation is  finally over  and I am trying to put some all the stuffs we have there before. I am even throwing some old kitchen utensils because I want some  things  new in a new kitchen.

I guess that is all for now. I need to sign-off and continue organizing at home. Enjoy the  warm weather especially to all my friends nearby.


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