Why Oak Furniture Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Oak furniture is some of the most sought after home furnishings around, and there are a number of reasons why. Not only does oak furniture ooze class and style, but it also adds an element of history to your home, as well as depth. It really depends on what style you’re going for in your home. Oak furniture can be incorporated to almost any layout or vision, and even modern furniture designs can be made of oak.

One of the best things about oak furniture is that it is timeless, no matter what the piece. It’s a strong and sturdy wood that can attach itself to a variety of styles, and it can last for generations if it is properly maintained and treated. Even the most expensive mahogany isn’t as strong as oak, and there are some beautiful grains and colours you can achieve if you carve the wood in the right way. No matter what style or piece of furniture you make, a piece of stunning oak will never go amiss in a home.

Traditional Oak Techniques

In order to get the best of your oak bedroom furniture, you’re advised to use traditional manufacturing techniques so not to spoil or damage the wood. For example, if you’re creating a new piece of furniture for your home, make it sturdy, thick and used dovetail joints to enhance the rustic charm oak expels. Furthermore, the way you cut oak can also add to the rustic feel of the finished product. Although modern cutting machinery is very fast and efficient, it does take away the personality of the wood, and ultimately the piece of furniture. Older pieces of equipment such as the ripsaw will allow you to leave distinctive marks on the oak, with a striking end finish.

Oak Sustainability  

Oak has remained popular over the years because it’s a wood that can be farmed responsibility, meaning it is a resource that is sustainable. Not only does the oak tree grow throughout the UK in vast numbers, but three trees are planted for every one that is farmed, meaning wood companies are also planning for the future as well as trying to sustain habitats.

Although the Oak tree is native of America and Europe, new laws have made it clear that these trees will be farmed locally, and the wood will not travel vast distances to get to its destination. Overall, this reduces the carbon emissions that are given off from the transportation of the wood, and generally helps to keep the atmosphere cleaner.

Furthermore, when oak is locally sourced, that creates thousands of jobs for the local population. Farming companies don’t have to pay to transport workers from abroad to the forest site, which again means reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, the money they safe on this transportation can be pumped back into the system of sustainably, and more trees can be planted to replace the ones being cut down. Many other types of wood are farmed irresponsibly, and thousands of acres of rainforest is destroyed every year by companies using bad employment practices.

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