5 Everyday Eco Products for Your Family

Contrary to what some people may believe, eco or ‘green’ products needn’t be cumbersome, expensive and stressful to install. In fact, there are plenty of nifty everyday eco gadgets on the market which are just as efficient as their energy-guzzling counterparts. Here are a few products – ranging from the affordable to the slightly flash – which all illustrate this point.

Sunplugged Solar Urban Messenger

If you don’t already know about solar powered bags, you definitely should start your research as they have been on the market for several years now. This model by energy aficionados, Sunplugged is the perfect size and shape for work and weekend trips. As well as a water resistant, scratch proof outer layer, this handy bag is also fully equipped with its own solar panel and USB chord for charging your music player or phone on the go. The sheer durability of this product backs up its $139 price tag.

Solar powered book cover for Kindle

As we venture into 2013, top named brands such as Kindle are recognising the need for more eco-friendly products. As a result, the company have launched their very own solar powered cover which you can simply slip on and press into place. The inbuilt solar panel will produce enough energy to read comfortably and will allow you to take your trusty e-reader on holiday with an unlimited amount of battery life. Avid readers can pick up a cover on Amazon from $65.

Nemo Italianaluce Eco earth

Why redecorate an entire room when you can simply invest in a statement designer piece to bring the space to life? This modern export from Italy will not only look uber stylish in your living room, its inbuilt dimmer switch can be adjusted according to personal need and taste to save your monthly energy bills. Head over to Lampcommerce now to get this top quality designer item for a discount price.

Radiator Booster MK3

This somewhat curious looking object can actually help the average household save up to £140 in heating bills each year. The Radiator Booster – which can be easily fitted to any radiator model – disperses heat evenly around the room once its stored energy hits 30 degrees. This will allow you to lower your thermostat while the booster maintains an increased temperature in your room for a longer duration of time. This product is available online for around £22 and has received sterling reviews so far.

The Waterpebble

Now for the cheapest product on the list, the ingenious Waterpebble at a retail price of £7 to £8, depending on where you shop. The main aim of this little gadget is to train you to use less water in the shower by monitoring how much water passes through your plughole. Begin by placing the pebble next to the plughole then proceed to have an average shower. The pebble will then set this amount of water as a benchmark for your next shower. Its traffic light system will turn red once you have reached your water limit. Over time, it will gradually reduce the amount of time it takes to go red, therefore your shower times will start to gradually reduce as well. This gizmo is perfect for larger families with a lot of water guzzling teens and children.

John Octen is an interior architect who live in Cardiff. He likes to walk in the wild for appreciate its beauty.


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