Tips on Buying Lighting Fixtures for Your Contemporary Home

Contemporary-style homes have, over the years, become a crowd favorite. Their sleek, minimalistic charm has proven to be more than just an aesthetic plus, but also a giant when it comes to functionality.

The lack of detail and intricacy in contemporary home design does not necessarily mean absence of style. But the thing about it is that it does not require too many elements — which can be both a good and bad thing.

One of the most essential factors to consider in decorating or styling a home is lighting. It plays a huge role in giving an illusion of space, and is also quite a player in the comfort level and functionality of the house as a whole. That said, planning out the lighting scheme in your house should never take a backseat.

The good news about contemporary-style homes is that they are not very difficult to light. Since they’re architecturally abundant in glass windows, you can expect a lot of ambient light coming through. However, that does not rule out the need for quality artificial lighting.

The following are some tips and advice that could come in handy when lighting a contemporary home:

1. It’s not a one-type-fits-all.

The house is comprised of many rooms and areas all having their individual purpose and function, so you have to take careful consideration of each of those before deciding on a single lighting type. The hallway, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, and bedrooms each have a unique role in your family’s day-to-day life, so take note of that when buying new light fixtures and fittings.

2. Use the Internet to your advantage.

It’s not a secret how the Internet can provide so much information to anyone who needs it — and that on lighting or styling your home is no exception. As a matter of fact, you can browse websites that provide insight and tips on home improvement; even place orders and ask for quotations directly from suppliers. For example, you can find a number of options for modern lighting from

3. Never compromise efficiency for price.

Not many may know this, but one of the most important considerations in buying light fixtures for the household is the bulb type and its corresponding efficiency. Halogens and fluorescent bulbs are usually the highest in efficiency and diffuse light quite well. Remember: just because you made a ton of savings on inexpensive but what turns out to be a poorly efficient lighting doesn’t mean you have actually saved some money, because eventually you’ll realize that it’s eating up a lot of electricity which will consequently reflect in outrageously high electric bills.

5. Go for minimalist pieces.

Except for the fact that contemporary-styled homes should be minimalistic in theme and style, simple yet elegant pieces rarely ever get old. Going for such designs will keep another remodeling or replacement project from happening too soon.

These are just some tips that you can follow to minimize chances of mistakes especially when you’re styling your home’s lighting on your own. If you believe you need more assistance than the aforementioned, then your best bet would be to hire an interior design professional.

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