Case Study: How an Orangery Can Transform Your Home

After the doom and gloom of the recession and the property market crash over the last few years, many people are choosing to improve their own homes rather than move out. If you still love your home but feel you need a bit more room, then moving isn’t the only option.

An additional room can make the world of difference to the dynamics of your home, even by adding just a few square metres and altering the layout of your existing living space, you can change the practical usage of your house, making it a pleasant, clutter-free place to be.

Building an extension may sound like an onerous task and expensive undertaking, but what if you could build a beautiful, light and functional additional room, at far lower cost and with far greater visual impact? That’s what can be achieved if you choose to extend your home with an orangery.

An orangery is similar to a conservatory or greenhouse and is often described as a cross between these two structures and a traditional extension. They are larger than conservatories and garden rooms, yet still offer the appeal of bringing the outdoors in, as much of the structure is made from glass. Orangeries create a stunning addition to your home, from both the inside and out, with the added benefit of being a fully functional, all-year-round, additional room.

There is no doubt that bespoke orangeries can totally transform any home. A recent project Apropos Conservatories undertook did just that, and the brief was a common one – a customer in need of extra space for their young family to stretch out. They required an additional room in which to relax and entertain whatever the season, with good access to the garden and outdoor space too. They had no idea how to build an orangery and hadn’t taken on an architect, they simply had a list of criteria, including the fact that it should be a glass structure with folding, sliding doors for access to the garden.

Apropos designed and built a fully glazed orangery – complete with sliding doors, roof lighting and easy access to the garden area of the property – with stunning results. Not only has their home been transformed on the outside, the orangery now floods their home with light as well as provides them with the space they so desperately needed. On summer days all the doors can be opened and the house is immediately at one with garden, creating a fabulous extended living space and allowing air to flow through the whole of the property. In autumn and winter it is the perfect place for rainy day ‘playtime’ and socialising.

If you’re considering extending your own home it is certainly worth considering an orangery. The flexible nature of their design and improvements in building materials means they can be used for a whole host of different functions, such as extending an existing room, creating extra space with a new build or a room that can be shut off from the rest of the home as and when required.

Orangeries are the perfect addition to any home in modern society as families extend. All at a time when the housing market makes your property the most cherished asset you own.

My name is Steven Wishaw and I have had an orangery on my home for the last few years and it has made an immense difference to our quality of life and we spend a huge amount of time in there.


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