I Love my Friend's Vegetable Garden

Last  week,  I received  a surprised call from an anonymous caller.  I hesitated to pick-up the phone. Thinking that  the call is coming from a friend  or relative, I decided to pick it  up.  My friend was inviting me to her birthday party…yeeey!  It was held last weekend and it was quite an enjoyable and memorable celebration with sumptuous foods on the table. I did had a lot of fun too!

My friend’s vegetable garden. Love it!

I have to drive around 60 kilometers to go to my friend’s house.   When I stopped  in the next town to tank  gasoline in my car, another friend saw me while I was tanking.  I thought they already drove away but her husband turned back and was asking where am I going? I immediately told them that I am going to a birthday  party and was asking if they  want to go with me.

In short, my friend Marivic with her three children went with me to the birthday party.  As we arrived in my friend’s house, I decided to go to their garden. I noticed  that she planted variety of vegetables. Tomatoes, asparagus, bell pepper, cucumber, zucchini,  sunflowers, beans, cauliflower,  broccoli, lettuce  and more are present in her garden! Wow, truly admirable seeing those fresh vegetables in her garden.

Fresh zucchini, Anybody want it?

I ended up asking for a fresh cucumber, beans and zucchini. I actually just prepared and cooked  it for dinner tonight.  Gardening requires  diligence, time and effort and I admire her for maintaining her garden.

I have  a plan  to plant vegetables in our garden but at the moment I cannot do it because I keep on traveling.   I  even was not  able to take care of the flowers in our garden this summer.  I need a garden house to plant the vegetables because there are lots of cats roaming in our garden. I guess you know what I mean.

I admire the hard work that my friend is doing in maintaining her garden.  I know  for sure, she is enjoying the fresh  harvest from her garden everyday. Good job indeed!


2 Responses to “I Love my Friend's Vegetable Garden”

  1. Pretty Kat Says:

    pagkalami-a sa gulay diha… cucumber na Rubz? sinaw kaayo..ako tan-aw kay salad na… haha

  2. admin Says:

    yup super fresh and yummy sis..


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