New Door is Installed

Another home improvement took place. It is still not fully finish but  we are happy that we finally dismantled the old door and replaced it with a new one. Well, it is not actually an old door. We bought it in 2010 but the door deformed a bit for some reasons. Since it has a 5-year warranty, we complained about it and the company  replaced it without any question.

Ooops, I forgot to turn on the flash in my camera.  Our new door  still needs some finishing.

We actually both a lot from this company who sells  all kinds of doors and windows. They deliver in some parts of Europe and since we found the price quite competitive, we decided to buy from them all of our new windows and the main door.  The windows we bought from them are all good. It is a 3-layered glass windows and we are quite contented with it.

We bought all in all 13 new windows from them and we were  so happy  with the decision to replace our old ones.  It was  a great home improvement we did three years ago, replacing our old windows with better ones. Due to it, we are saving  power and electric especially during winter  season when our electric heaters are on.

We only had a problem with the door. Last year, it started to deformed and as we sent  a  complain from them, they did not hesitated to replace it. That is such a good customer service. They also gave us the old one that was replaced. We will install  the old one in our storage room at the back of the house.

Hopefully this weekend, the door will be finished.  My Bff who is an expert for home improvements  and  renovations, will finally finish everything!

From time to time, we are making our home a better and more comfortable place to live-in. It is a great feeling when you can sleep good in the night because the place you call home is debt-free! Thanks Goodness!


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