A Motorhome or a Fixed Home

Wow October is finally here! I did not realized that we already entered another month. It is probably because I was busy gallivanting in Tuscany, Italy. Yes, I just came back from that wonderful trip and wish I was still there enjoying the warm weather. The next time, I come back in Tuscany, I would love to drive one of those used motorhomes to explore the beauty of this region. I hope it will happen soon!

Let me ask you, what do you prefer? Living in a motorhome or a fixed house? I believed many of you know what a motorhome is. It is also called a recreational vehicle or RV in short. When I say living in a fixed house, you have your own home where you live and you can never transport it.

During my travel in Tuscany, I saw a lot of people driving their motorhomes on Italian highways. I know for sure, they are exploring Italy with their movable home. I was telling the woman sitting beside me that if ever I have a lot of money or I will win in a lottery, I will surely buy one and will start my adventure around the world using an RV. She smiled at me any said, “why not”. I would like to do the same.

Many people especially in the United States, Australia and some countries in Europe are also living in their motorhomes. Some people use it to travel to other places and at the same time living in their motorhomes. With their RV’s, they don’t need to pay the hotel and can have their freedom where to stop and park their motorhomes, in a camping area or in a designated parking lot for it.

Depending on the size of a motorhome, it can accommodate from 2 to 8 persons. It is also equipped with sleeping place, a small kitchen cooking equipment, washroom, a dinette or small dining room and a sofa which is used as a small living room.

If you have to ask me where do I prefer to live? As of now, I still love living in our own home. But if I can afford to buy a motorhome, why not? I wish to explore this beautiful world with this recreation vehicle.


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