Autumn Clean-up at Home and in our Garden

The golden month of October is finally here!  Since I came back from my recent trip in Italy,  there are a lot of things I need to do at home. One of the very important  thing  to do is  autumn clean-up.   One of the tasks I need to do is to  clean my working area which is my computer room.  A tornado hit it since I came back from my trip. I am actually starting the organization this morning but since I also did some things, I was not  able to finish.

Dried leaves that needs to be cleaned-up in our garden. Autumn is finally here!

There are a lot of papers scattering around.  I received a lot of  travel catalogues and flyers last month and I want to get rid of it soon.  I also need to arrange the paper cut-ups I  did from newspapers. Oh yeah, I love to cut interesting news especially if it is about travels.  Maybe tonight, I can already arrange my work room or computer room. This is also my little library where you can find many books of various kinds.

The plants and flowers in our garden are also waiting to be trimmed and the  dried leaves and branches to be  cleaned-up soon. I went this afternoon in our garden to breath some fresh air and found out that there are still some flowers blooming there. I felt better after spending some time there. I want to start the clean-up in our garden starting tomorrow. I heard over the weather forecast on the radio that  tomorrow will be sunny like we are having today.

Autumn clean-up is a part of daily clean-up. I hope I can do most of it this month. Wish me luck!

I wish you all a lovely golden month of October!


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