Grocery Shopping is my Weekly Chore

I am glad that I live in a small village which is quite far from the temptation to go shopping everyday.  This way, I have the chance to save some money because I will not be tempted of buying unnecessary things. Of course  when  I want to,  I can drive to the nearest town  or city to go shopping anytime I want,  but I am avoiding it most of the times.  There are more  important things to lay your  money instead of buying unnecessary objects.

my grocery shopping cart.

One of my weekly chores is to go grocery shopping.  Being the secretary and finance officer in the house (that’s how I call myself because I am the one doing the accounting, budgeting and shopping, lolz), it is one of my tasks to go grocery shopping. I also run some  errands like paying bills  at the bank,  buying medicines in drugstore and shopping all the things we need at home.

When I  went  shopping yesterday in one of the  grocery stores in the next town, I saw this  woman looking  at the  cigarette rack displays. I noticed that these cigarette racks  are always found near the cashier counters  and they are always locked. I guess for  some reasons  that not all people can buy cigarettes especially young people who are under 18 years of age.  This woman was asking the saleslady  to open the cigarette rack and I was amazed because she bought around 10 packs of cigarettes.  I saw more cigarettes in her shopping cart as the grocery items she bought.

What can you find inside my shopping cart? I usually buy yogurt, bread, vegetables (like cucumber, tomato, carrots, potato, eggplants, bell pepper, etc.),  honey (we use it for tea or coffee instead of sugar ), bottled water, tea, meat, fish, butter, cheese,  milk, soap and other things we need  everyday.

How often I go grocery shopping? Most of the time, twice in a week and sometimes once in  a week. It depends on our needs and consumption. In  order to save some bucks, I always watch for grocery items that are on sale. If possible, avoid things that are not necessary.

I guess that i all for now!  Enjoy your shopping folks!


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