Wood Pellet Oven Use as Heater During Winter Season

There are many kinds of   appliances or  objects  that are use to produce heat or warmth during winter season.  In many countries where winter occurs, especially in Europe  or North America, homeowners  are using heaters to  make their homes warm during cold winter season.
In a household or domestic setting, heaters are usually appliances whose purpose is to generate heating (i.e. warmth). Other types of heaters are Ovens and Furnaces.

My question is, what kind of heaters are you using at home during winter season?  If you ask me what we are using, I would say, we are using a wood pellet oven and  electric  heaters. I would like to discuss first about our pellet oven and how it works.

This pellet oven or stove burns compressed wood or biomass pellets to create a source of heat. The wood pellets serve as a fuel. It slowly feed from a storage container (hopper) into a burn-pot area and creates a constant flame.

Depending how cold it is, we can actually adjust the feeding of the wood pellets if we wanted it to be warmer inside the house. One of its advantage is that, you can let it run the whole day and night without any worry when you are going somewhere because it still continues to burn as long as the storage container is not empty with wood pellets.

Unlike a regular wood heater or fireplace, the burning of the fire will stop if you don’t put wood in it anymore. This is also the reason why we already discontinue our fireplace inside our home. Besides the prices of woods also went up the past years.

The decision of buying the wood pellet oven was truly a great investment. We don’t only save money from using it but it is also very convenient.

On the other hand, the electric heaters we have in each room of the house are only turn-on when the weather gets really very very cold inside the house.

We are truly thankful that we decided to use a wood pellet oven as heating object during winter season.


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