Helpful Guidance on New Window Durability

There is no easy way to rate a replacement window on durability. Contractors in your local area that have been installing windows for years know the difference. Find a contractor in your local area that you can trust and ask them for a good window choice. Windows are like most home improvement products; the installation is a big factor in the quality and durability.

That being said, windows are made out of many materials and some materials perform better than others. So putting craftsmanship of the windows and installation quality aside, here is a look at the durability of a window based on its materials.

There are many choices for frame and sash choices. Aesthetics play an important part in choosing a replacement window. A wood window might be the most beautiful, but is the most expensive purchase and maintain. Here are the most common options:

  • Aluminum: Strong and durable, but readily conducts heat. Condensation and even frost can form. Thermal breaks reduce conduction and improve condensation resistance. The durability of thermal breaks varies by type and quality. Can be painting but lacks the beauty of a wood window.
  • Wood: Easy to repair and maintain but requires regular painting or staining. Intrinsically susceptible to rot, but many new wood windows are protected by a durable exterior finish or cladding. Cladding should prevent moisture from forming underneath. A common combination of a wood window clad in aluminum on the outside makes a great option. The outside can be painted and beautiful wood interior can be stained or painted.
  • Composite: New wood/polymer composites are very stable. Better moisture and decay resistance than conventional wood. Talk to your contractor about the latest developments with composite windows.
  • Vinyl: Good moisture resistance and low maintenance. Tends to expand or contract as temperature changes, but recent designs have improved dimensional stability and resistance to UV radiation. Our professional and reliable contractors in your local area are trained to help you find the best window option for replacement or installation.


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