The Story of this Lady and Her Vices

Many people know that  “cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health”. Inspite of this  warning,  which we can read in most packaging of  cigarettes,   especially in the United States, Canada, some countries in Europe, India, Singapore, Hongkong, Australia and other countries worldwide, people are still consuming  cigarettes.

I believed many of you have ideas what cigarettes are and I don’t need to explain a lot  about it.  Let me just share a story  before I start my main topic about electronic cigarettes. Thanks for your patience and I hope you can get something from this topic.

Two months ago, someone told me that her daughter  had  totally stopped smoking.  I was  happy after hearing it because for me, it was really a good news. He daughter said that  when she stopped to smoke, she already saved a lot of money in a month. Imagine if you smoke one pack a day and if you calculate that in a month, that is indeed a big money.  She also added that her clothes don’t  smell  cigarettes anymore and she feels good about it.

Two  weeks ago, we happened to meet again this lady. I was surprised because I saw her  smoking again.  I approached her and asked why is she smoking again?  She simply told me,  “I just can’t quit smoking”.  I noticed that she  was holding this so-called  E cigs. This stands for electronic cigarettes anyway.

I asked again why is she using such kind of cigarettes now.  She answered that her friends are using the same now  and they said that it is  a better  alternative than the traditional cigarettes. She mentioned further that  electronic cigarettes  is safer than smoking tobacco.  I am quite skeptic about this. I just nodded my head and rose my eyebrows  seeing her smoking again. It is  her choice and she is old enough  to know what’s good for her or not.

After that conversation I find it very interesting to know about the difference between the traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Tonight, while browsing the internet about the difference between these two,  I finally  found out its differences. I also happened to browse topics about E cigs  at   I was able to learn about the components of  electronic cigarettes and found out that  there are also disposable ones.

More on that, I found out the advantages  of  electronic cigarettes  like having no smelly clothes, no bad breath, no smoke, cheaper than the traditional  cigarettes and  more.

I am glad that I don’t smoke and will surely live a cigarette-free life.  This is my choice and I will stand for it. How about you?  Remember health is wealth and  once again I would like to remind you   that “cigarette smoking is truly dangerous for your health”.


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