Food You Should Banish From Your Kitchen Forever

eurostarsblog-nagendra 12.22.13 When our palate is in command, our mind takes a break. Tasty food is not necessarily healthy food. Take a look at what food you should banish from your kitchen for a healthy life.

1. Banish white pasta just as you would banish white rice. Eating white pasta is like getting mugged on the highway. The stuff that you have been eating is basically stripped of all its goodness including fibre and healthy bran. Instead, stock up on whole grain couscous, black or brown rice, whole wheat pasta or quinoa. These options not only deliver several complex nutrients to your body but also help you feel full for a longer period of time. In addition, you also get a significant amount of vitamin B levels and additional fibre from them.

2. Banish all kinds of packaged soup powders or canned soup. Soup makes for a robust snack during chilly evenings or rounds up as a hearty meal, but having soup from canned sources or packaged options can only make you feel hungry for more. This is because canned soup contains large amounts of sodium, almost 850 mg per cup, which is a whopping amount to be had in one sitting! Instead, look out for low sodium canned options or sodium free stocks. Pick out canned stocks that contain less than 350 mg of sodium, as anything above that number has a negative impact on the body. This magic number is suitable for any kind of packaged options even if comes across as the healthiest sounding flavour in the supermarket. Better than that, make your own soup by blending sodium free broth, avocado, onions, broccoli and tomatoes for a healthy and super convenient dinner or lunch.

3. Banish convenient store beef jerky options. Although beef jerky is a great snack and is best preserved for a long journey or a long haul, the ones found in popular supermarket shelves and convenience stores not only contains high amounts of sodium to preserve the jerky but also offers very little protein. More importantly, traditional beef jerky that is commonly available contains nitrates that are known to cause various kinds of malignant tumours and also contain huge amounts of saturated fat that can clog your arteries dangerously. Instead, look out for healthy beef jerky options by scanning the ingredient labels. If a certain label states that the beef jerky packed in it contains approximately 8 to 15 g of protein and does not contain nitrates or artificial flavours, it can be safely stocked up in your pantry.

4. Banish sugary cereal bars from your larder. Most fitness freaks are of the opinion that hiving up cereal bars in one’s pantry or the gym bag is the best option to be had when starving later during the day. However, cereal bars contain as high as 50 g of sugar in a 4-oz bar and consuming it can only cause you to work out harder in the gym. Instead, stock up on simple nourishment bars that contain ingredients which you can identify. If you are able to visibly make out generous quantities of nuts, seeds, individual pieces of fruit and other healthy ingredients such as dates, cranberries, almonds or cashews then it is worth having as a snack option.

5. Banish coffee creamers from your kitchen. If you are not accustomed to black coffee, and you tend to reach out for the creamer each time you have a coffee, then you must know that what you are putting in your body is nothing but plain ol’ salt, white sugar, fat and empty calories. Instead, stock up on coconut milk, skimmed dairy milk, or almond milk if you prefer a quick milky taste in your coffee. These safe options not only offer you protein but also healthy amounts of calcium.

Let this season offer you the very best in health and good health. Remember to make good food choices this festive season and you will not be disappointed.

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