Need to Do Some Organizing at Home

Happy new  year to all! I can’t believed that we are already stepping the second  week of 2014. I am hoping that the first days of the year were  wonderful days for you! There were so many wonderful things that happened to me the past days.  They are just simple things but I am  already happy and contented about it. I am indeed thankful with the many blessings, big and small. 

2013 already ended and there are still so  many things that I need to organize at home. Some online tasks and many offline activities  hindered me from doing all the organizations  last holiday season. I am just thankful that I am  my own  boss  and nobody tells me  what to do everyday. This is  the advantage if you are working in your own time at home.

The first thing that  I need to  organize at home is my working room. This is the place where my computer is and it is also the area where all my books are. This is actually my little library. There are a lot of magazines, travel  flyers,  memos and letters that are scattering around. I would like to arrange and organize everything latest next week.

I also need to organize my cabinet where all my clothes are. There are many clothes that don’t fit me anymore and I need to take it all out from my  closet.  I would love to give it to my nieces and  nephews.  Gone are the days, when I was still weighing  115 pounbs. lolz!

I guess for now, these are the most important things that I need to organize at home. Wish me good luck! lolz!

Lastly, I wish you all a great year of  2014.more hopes and more blessings to come your way!


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