Picking Out the Right Type of Welding Helmet

All welders need to have a proper welding helmet; it is one of the most straightforward fundamental items of safety equipment in the office. Welding without the correct type of welding helmet is downright foolish and extremely dangerous. Fortunately there are lots of different styles and types of welding helmet to choose from currently – check some out at thediyoutlet.com and you’ll soon see that the humble welding helmet made a great progress way since Homer Simpson used one on the opening credits.


Welding helmets protect the eyes by two different ways – first of all they have protection from the severe sparks that are generated whilst welding and second of all the they protect the fragile eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays and infrared rays which are emitted during the welding process.

Traditional Welding Helmets

The traditional welding helmet has been used for many decades and includes a darkened glass lens which stays dark all of the time. This particular helmet is relatively inexpensive and might provide excellent safety protection but in addition there are one or two rather obvious disadvantages. Every time the welder would like to see his progress (as he isn’t actually welding) he/she has to lift it to take a look at his work. Before flipping down his helmet and starting to weld again, he/she must then position the welder to the correct place. This process might be fine for a couple of minutes or even a number of hours but could cause fatigue and painful neck strain after a hard day at work. This can also be difficult when welding in tight or restrictive places.

Newly trained or apprentice welders often find it difficult to keep their stick electrode, TIG torch or MIG gun within the right position while they are flipping the helmet up and down which may result in poor welding quality – welding defects need to be avoided at all costs.


Auto darkening welding helmet

Professional and serious welders currently tend to choose an auto darkening welding helmet which does just what it says around the tin – or the helmet, adjusting from darkness to light and back again as necessary. A quick changing Liquid Crystal Display enables the screen to switch from light to pre-selected darkness in milliseconds – auto-darkening cartridge technology is used in the production of this particular welding helmet.

Auto darkening welding helmets protect the welder against all of the harmful light emissions whilst allowing continuous work without the need to start and stopstart, reposition and adjust. Not only is this a lot more easier and cozy for the welder it can also substantially increase productivity.

There are lots of variations of auto darkening welding helmets available, many of which resemble motor cycle helmets with assorted patterns and graphics allowing the personality of the user to really shine through. Some welders choose to personalize their helmet more with stickers and decals including novelty cartoon and figures characters, super heroes, skulls, tattoos, angel wings – whatever takes their fancy.


It is important to ensure that your welding helmet fits comfortably whether you choose a traditional form of helmet or indeed an auto darkening welding helmet. The headgear should quickly and easily adjust up, forwards, down and back and have the necessary fittings and adjustments to suit any welder by using a particularly small or large head. Some helmets might have the resistance adjusted in order that the visor doesn’t fall too swiftly into position if you want the screen to come down – dampers are fitted for a smooth transaction.

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