The First Spring Flowers to Bloom in Our Garden

March is finally here! This also means that spring season in Europe is about to come. According to the calendar March 20, 2014 is the beginning of spring season. I am quite excited because I already saw the first spring flowers in our garden. I can’t wait to see more in the coming weeks.

Lovely tulips in our garden. I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Springtime is also the season for new hopes, rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth.  Here are some of the flowers that first grow on spring time;
Hyacinth in our garden. They will come and bloom so soon!


These are bulbous flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae. I love Hyacinths especially its franagrance. Hyacinthus grows from bulbs, each producing around four to six linear leaves and one to three spikes (racemes) of flowers. Hyacinth bulbs are said to be poisonous because they contain oxalic acid. Handling hyacinth bulbs can cause mild skin irritation. It is recommended to use protective gloves when handling it.

The common hyacinth has a single dense spike of fragrant flowers in shades of red, blue, white, orange, pink, violet, or yellow. A form of the common hyacinth is the less hardy and smaller blue- or white-petalled Roman hyacinth of florists.

Tulip flowers

This is one of my favorite spring flowers. In fact, we have a little “Keukenhof” when all the tulips are all blooming in our garden. Tulip is a perennial, bulbous plant with showy flowers in the genus Tulipa. A number of species and many hybrid cultivars are grown in gardens, as potted plants, or as cut flowers. Tulips can be propagated through bulb offsets, seeds or micropropagation.

Beautiful Orange Tulips in our Garden.

Crocuses or Croci

I call these the “March flowers”. Crocuses are one of the first flowers that grows in our garden ahead of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. is a genus of flowering plants in the iris family comprising 90 species of perennials growing from corms. Many are cultivated for their flowers appearing in autumn, winter, or spring. The cup-shaped, solitary, salverform flower tapers off into a narrow tube. Their colors vary enormously, although lilac, mauve, yellow, and white are predominant.

Yellow crocuses or croci in our garden. See, I have a lovely place with a garden near a castle tower. I feel like a princess when I am in our garden. lolz!

Narcissus or Daffodils

Another beautiful flowers that grows every spring season. It is a genus of mainly hardy, mostly spring-flowering, bulbous perennials in the Amaryllis family, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. Narcissus grow from pale brown-skinned spherical bulbs with pronounced necks. The leafless stems, appearing from early to late spring depending on the species, bear from 1 to 20 blooms. Flower colour varies from white through yellow to deep orange. Breeders have developed some daffodils with double, triple, or ambiguously multiple rows and layers of segments, and several wild species also have known double variants.

Daffodils or Narcissus in our Garden.


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