Heaters Are Still On This Winter

Brrrrr…This is what you feel when it is winter especially if you don’t wear  winter jackets when you go out of your home. It is the same if you are inside of your house particularly when the heater is turn-off.  I can’t imagine living in a country that experiences winter and there is no heater at all. I don’t really care what kind of heater as long as thre is one, from  electric to gas, pellets oven heater, wood heater and any other forms that will keep our home warm during cold winter season.

We are using two heaters inside  our home. The pellets oven heater  is running 24 hours a day. It is only turn-off for some time when it is being cleaned. After it is cleaned-up, it is turn-on again. The other kind of heater that we are using are electric heaters. In every room, an electric heater is being installed. Our pellet oven heater  can actually serve in heating the whole house when  the temperature is not so cold. When it is really getting very cold like hitting to sub-zero temperature, then  the electric heaters in the rooms are turn-on especially in the bedroom and in my working or computer room.

Many years ago, we are trying to minimize our heating  expenses. This means that the heaters are not turn-on at higher temperature. This also  means that we must not wear shorts and t’shirts inside the house but  clothing that can keep us warmer like wearing pull-over and long pants.  For this little act, we  are able to save some money  each year. We better spend the money  on vacation or travels than throwing it away  on this heating expenses.

How about you, what heater do you use? How much heating bills you spend each year?


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