Can't Wait to See the First Spring Flowers in the Garden

Today was a nice day! The sun was shining the whole day but sad to say, I don’t have time to enjoy and savour its beauty. I am working the whole weekend and in fact, I am working 6 days starting last Friday. Indeed, earning money is not that easy and a lot of people are only thinking that if you are living abroad, you are only picking up money on the road. They never know how hard and difficult it is surviving and  earning for a living overseas.


Yellow tulips in the garden from last year. I can’t wait to see them  again.

I better be backed to my topic here before I can say more things that might not be pleasing but is so real and true. Remember truth hearts and sometimes, it is difficult to accept it. Anyway, I heard over the radio that the meteorological spring season started during the first day of March this 2015. That is probably the reason why the weather is becoming milder the past days. I don’t see any snow anymore when I am driving to work. That is also good because honestly, I don’t like snow anymore especially when I am driving to work at the very early morning.

Red tulips and hyacinths in our garden.

I can’t actually wait for the first spring flowers that will be blossoming in our garden so soon.  I still don’t have the time to check the backyard until now. This is the effect of having a job and honestly, I wish the days and years will turn back when all I have to do is stay at home or keep on traveling when finances are available. I have to accept the fact that, I am slowly getting back to the real world…and that is earning for a living.

Tulips of various forms and colors  in our garden. I love these flowers!

You can see the different spring flowers in the photos here. Tulips, hyacinth, crocus, daffodils, viola or pansies, bloodrot and  iris are some of the first flowers I can see in the garden during   spring season.  As a plant and flower-lover, I am very excited to see them again.  I hope this year, I can see more of them since I planted more  spring flowers  last autumn or fall season. My garden will be full of life and colors again. Seeing the blooms in our garden simply makes me happy.  Flowers seems to be balsam for my soul and I always love them.

I  want to check  tomorrow if these first spring flowers are starting to grow in the garden again. Thanks to the weather forecast, tomorrow will be another sunny day.

I wish you all a great weekend. Feel free to share what spring flowers you  grow in your garden. Thanks and take care folks!


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